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  • What is MATTERLINQ?
    MATTERLINQ is your cost-effective key to seamless project management and financial control. Escape organizational silos with our Project Centric platform, ensuring efficient collaboration and easy access to project-related information. Time Tracking guarantees accurate billing, capturing every billable hour to maximize revenue. Simplify financial tracking with Expense Management, and expedite billing processes through Billing Management, intelligently integrating logged data into invoices. Our Secure Content Management ensures organized and secure access to case-related files. Stay compliant effortlessly with KYC, meeting regulatory standards. MATTERLINQ empowers your company with an affordable, comprehensive solution for tackling project inefficiencies, enhancing financial transparency, and effortlessly meeting business needs.
  • Is MATTERLINQ free?
    Yes, the MATTERLINQ Individual plan is entirely free. This plan is completely free and comes with some limitations, including one seat and the ability to manage up to two projects. It's a perfect choice for freelancers and solopreneurs who are looking for a streamlined solution to enhance their workflow without incurring any costs. In case, you have used up the quota, you can Top Up the Q Points to increase the quoata.
  • What's a Q Point?
    Q Points are the currency used within the MATTERLINQ platform. You can earn Q Points through various channels such as purchases, referring friends, and more. Use 100 Q Points to get extra project for Individual Plan. Use 500 Q Points to add another user account.
  • Where is the data center?
    We currently host our service at Azure Japan, and new data centers will be added in other regions in the future.
  • How can I contact support?
    You can submit a ticket or chat with our support by cliking the "?" icon at the top right menu bar after you sign in. Our supoprt team will respond via email.


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