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Legal Spending

MATTERLINQ is an e-billing and vendor management solution. MATTERLINQ ensures that bills submitted by vendors complied with enterprises’ business rules through the billing management and machine learning capabilities. Enterprises can collaborate with multiple professional service providers, managing internal and external requests on the same platform. MATTERLINQ helps enterprises greatly saves the manpower and time costs and effectively improve the efficiency and accuracy of reviewing bills.

MATTERLINQ complies with Legal Electronic Data Exchange Standard (LEDES) for the electronic exchange of billing and other information between corporations and professional firms to introduce a process for tracking billing from the issue of e-billing, budgeting, timekeeper attributes, and intellectual property matter management.

– Tracking & monitoring the billing status in real-time.
– Maximizing the efficiency of managing billable hours.
– Billing process automation.
– Analyzing all the legal spending systematically in an optimized visualization.
– Generating reports automatically by matters, clients, and billings in a chosen period.


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